Graphic Designer. Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina (1995).
Studied at ESAD.CR
Intership at Rubio y del Amo, Spain.
Founder of Paternal, Portugal.
Now living in Portugal.


Collectif Blanc- Publication (France) 2017
Back to Town - Rodoviária (Anadia) 2017;  
Olga Roriz Company - Photography 2017 ;
Alumiar! - Trampolim  Gerador  (Lisbon) 2016 ;
RETYPE LAGOS- Artistic Residence (Lagos) 2016;
This is not a composition - Lx Factory Ler Devagar (Lisbon) 2016 ;
Speaker's Garden - Bienal Ano Zero  Conference (Coimbra) 2016;
Collectif Blanc- Publication (France) 2015